LILY & BLOOM draw their inspiration from the physical streetscapes and downtown street life that emerged in great cities near the turn of the 20th century. Beginning in Paris and migrating to London, New York, San Francisco, and Shanghai, the years of 1890-1930 marked the beginning of not just the modern city, but the way we now eat and drink. Street vendors, cafes, people watching, restaurants, classic cocktails, chefs and cookbooks - all came to the forefront at this time. Most importantly, the life force of all this - the central urban market - was born.

From the intricate architecture of the brick tenements, to the raw energy of immigrant city life and the places such vendors/hawkers/restaurant owners drank and ate, LILY & BLOOM’s interiors hint at both the urban grits and the creative headiness of the early 1900’s.

Together with the ingredient-driven food and drink, the concept celebrates the life that markets, food, and those who produce it have given us literally and figuratively. BUZZ CONCEPTS, by partnering with AvroKO, aim to pay tribute to this era in their new duplex space at LILY & BLOOM.


One of the most popular names in New York City at the end of the 1890's, LILY (or the lifestyle of women like Lily), served as inspiration for AvroKO in its design of this cozy bar room. From the Parisian salons of the 1900's to pre-War supper clubs in old American cities, Prohibition-era speakeasies to the ­first age of global travel by ship, the glamour of times past is referenced in the many fetching trinkets of travel, memory, and bar culture one ­finds in LILY's corners. There's old-school lounge seating and banquettes as well as a seated bar with vintage transport-inspired stools for watching our Lily bartenders cracking ice wedges or measuring classic drinks. A back room (available for dinners and parties on request) has a terraced view of our dining room below. The whole affair is sexy, subtle, and warm and there is no door policy except ­first come/fi­rst-serve, providing a one-of-a-kind bar experience in Hong Kong.

Design continued

A tribute to old New York, BLOOM is an eclectic, comforting American brasserie inspired by the energies of turn-of the-century markets. After descending an iron staircase in the corner of our bar, LILY, diners enter past a tapestry of vintage grain sacks into a room full of rhythmic yellow and white tiling. A wall of floor-to-ceiling black steel grate inspired by old street scape of Manhattan serves as a back drop to the 4-meter long solid walnut dining bar. A chalkboard full of ‘market’ items like daily flatbreads, handmade pastas, fruit cobblers, and herb and fruit-laced cocktails slides across the bar on a hand crank chain system. Elegant wall-mounted lanterns, industrial light fixtures and warm candles glow throughout the dining room, while pre-War measuring scales, milk jugs, and flower molds highlight the many nooks and crannies of the space. Through a pair of frosted glass-and-wire doors is a unisex bathroom. Here, in the center of the room, a tall stone fountain serves as a communal basin. Just beyond a half-moon shaped booth that bookends the front room is a doubleheight dining space whose sides are lined with reclaimed boat wood and tall wire glass panels. Comprised of some 70 pieces, the 2-story ‘BLOOM’ chandelier hangs just above a circular slab of white marble that adorns the center of the room.


Set up in 2004, BUZZ CONCEPTS is a fast-expanding food & beverage and entertainment specialist group based in Hong Kong, aiming at offering unique, trend-leading and fresh nightlife, eatery and entertainment experiences. Currently holding the ownership of 3 premium members-only nightspots, namely award-winning VOLAR Hong Kong (2004 to date), HALO (2006 to date), and FLY (Dec 2010 to date), as well as GUSTO (2008 to date), a concept cafe in Happy Valley, GUSTO CORNER (coming soon), and CASA (July 2011 to date), BUZZ CONCEPTS is constantly seeking to expand its scope to overseas with VOLAR Shanghai (2006 to 2009) and to the restaurant businesses, with LILY & BLOOM that opened in the summer of 2010.

On top of ownership, BUZZ CONCEPTS also manages all of the outlets. From set up services such as design concept consultancy, construction liaison, equipment purchase, staff employment and training, to marketing/branding strategies and grand opening organization, BUZZ CONCEPTS provides a one-stop service that also includes operational management (e.g. business administration, human resources, purchasing and maintenance supervision, business and financial analysis) and marketing/PR/events services (eg, events management, promotions formulation and execution). Since 2008, BUZZ CONCEPTS has started to venture out to managing external PR projects such as the KUSH LIVING launch event and various Lane Crawford brand launch events at IFC flagship store, and organizing external events such as the "France Touches Hong Kong Music Festival" at HITEC.